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Sahara Solar is not the biggest but we strive to be the best. We are an extensively experienced Melbourne based solar company catering to residential and small commercial customers.

We take a highly consultative and low pressure approach to providing the best solutions for our customers ensuring maximum returns and minimal headaches. We’ll take the time to explain how solar can save you money and we’ll help guide you to a solution that is optimised for you, your home, your budget, your usage patterns and your future outlook. And with our low overheads we are able to offer state of the art, premium equipment, personal service and bespoke solutions at industry best prices.

In other word’s you’ll pay less for the best. That means your return on investment will be maximised and your headaches kept to a minimum.

Our system designers are tertiary qualified and pride themselves in thinking outside the box to offer a tailored solution for

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your particular needs rather than the all too common “one size fits all” approach that many solar companies take.

Our installers are also quite simply among the best in the industry. The quality of their work is excellent, they are friendly, dedicated and professional and they will make that extra effort when required to ensure you are getting the best installation possible. Oh and they’ll take all the rubbish away with them too.

And once your system is installed we will not forget you. We urge you to let us know how you rated your experience. We genuinely want to hear about how your system is working for you and if you have any issues we want to make sure they are fixed ASAP.

So if you are thinking of getting solar, before you make a decision please give us an opportunity to show you how we can make it work for you.

Solar Panels on Roof

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EV Chargers

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AlphaESS EV charger, SMILE-EVC11

Electric vehicles are skyrocketing in popularity.

And with petrol prices rising to no end, not only are electric vehicles more economically viable but they are also environmentally friendly. 

Why not charge your electric vehicle at home with your new solar system? 

The AlphaESS EV charger, SMILE-EVC11 is a real player in the battery market and will no doubt soon become a household name. 

What better and more convenient way is there to charge your car at home with the power you're generating on your own roof?

Price Available Upon Application

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Portable Lithium Solar Power Stations

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600W 澳规 (1).png
Screenshot 2022-11-11 141432.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-11 141530.jpg



Introducing the Deepstar lithium portable power stations. Also used as a generator. These power stations are an essential addition to any camping trip. Simply set up the foldable solar panels in sunlight to charge the power station. And now you can run your equipment, such as running fridges and charging laptops.

Register your interest below.

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Screenshot 2022-11-11 183707.jpg
1800W power station AU.png
Screenshot 2022-11-11 183930.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-12 095834.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-12 100206.jpg

Enquire below for a free quote. And do not hesitate to ask us any questions.

Unit 1 / 389 McClelland Drive Langwarrin


Opening Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm, weekdays

Phone: 0499 404 029 /

            0401 787 296

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